Teething Timeline

Baby Teething Chart – Discover the common 8-day cycle for teething babies and infants

See the below baby teething timeline chart, showing the physiologic process of primary teeth erupting or cutting through the gums during teething and the signs of baby teething in infants aged 3 to 30 months.

Baby Teething Chart, Teething Timeline & Teething Symptoms, Camilia
Two-thirds* of these infants are affected by these teething symptoms. It usually takes 8 days* for a tooth to erupt or cut through the gums.

*Macknin M.L. & al Symptoms associated with infant teething : a prospective study. Paediatrics 105, 2000: 747-752.
Signs Of Baby Teething, Teething Timeline & Teething Symptoms, Camilia

Tips And Advice

Not sure what’s the best way to ease your baby’s teething pain? The teething experts at Boiron, producers of Camilia® Oral Solution have compiled a list of parents’ most commonly asked teething questions.

Q. When will my baby start teething?
A. The first tooth usually cuts through the gums at around six months. However the timing of teething can be very different from one baby to another. No need to worry if the first tooth is on its way earlier or later. However, if you do have any concerns, speak to a qualified professional to put your mind at rest.

Q. Do all babies feel pain when teething?
A. All babies experience teething differently – from when teeth emerge to the types of symptoms and how much pain they feel. Some babies might experience a pain-free teething whilst other babies find the teething phase extremely painful, experiencing uneasiness, sleeplessness and irritability. This can be a frustrating time for you and your little one, but having knowledge of what to expect and how to help relieve pain will ensure the process is perfectly manageable.

Q. Why does teething hurt so much?
A. During the teething process, the baby’s teeth are pushing through the gums, placing pressure on a newly developed jawbone. Like adults, all babies deal with pain differently and the level of pain felt is dependent on a number of factors including but not limited to the baby’s tolerance to pain, density of gums and where the growing tooth is located in the mouth.

Q. My baby is teething, how can I help them through it?
A. If your child has started to show the signs of teething, such as painful and swollen gums, red cheeks and excessive dribbling, giving them a chilled – but not frozen – teething ring to bite on might relieve the pain. To ease discomfort further you can also look at other ways to help soothe the symptoms. British parents are discovering an innovative* solution to help with their child’s teething discomfort; introduced by Boiron, world leader in homeopathic medicine, Camilia® Oral Solution is a homeopathic product which helps teething babies.

See the baby teething chart that shows the typical order of teeth appearance in babies and infants – allowing you to track your own child’s progress.

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